The Domestic Darling is a shop for everyone, whether they know it or not. We’ve got everything you need and plenty of things you just want! You’ll find the quirkiest vintage house and bar wares, clothing & accessories, souvenirs, books, ephemera, tchotchkes, knick knacks and much, much more.

These have been lovingly gathered by yours truly, and I have one hell of an eye, if I do say so myself. So sit down, look around and take a load off my hands and go to my Etsy Shop or eBay Store!

I grew up loving anything that was older than me and I started collecting as a toddler, I swear. Love vintage campers, cowboy boots, Old Time music, ’78 players, and scarves, coats, jewelry, and purses, all vintage of course.

Peter Pan Collars, books galore, lists, old fans, round things, the ornamentation of the Christian Faith, and barware, cool jazz, hot blues, ephemera, kitchen gadgets, real rescue dogs, fake vintage dogs, old telephones, and Chanel.

Adore Tiffany Blue, French’s Mustard Yellow, and Tomato Red. Kitchen wares and clear glass containers of rocks and shells. Pinking shears, aprons, red lipstick, Diana Rigg, Lucinda Williams, Donna Reed, Gloria Steinem, and Serena Williams.

I *specialize* in the early ’50s through late ’70s, though lots of yummy stuff from other eras will end up clogging up my house and store. And your screen!

My mother recently passed and she left me this AMAZING treasure trove of … well, treasures! She was an amazing artist, recovered antique dealer, and renowned Native American Beader, so some of her stuff is sprinkled throughout. I’ve finally started going through our storage unit! I’ve had to keep my Collection Obsession in check and Etsy is the perfect place to do that. I’m putting new things up often and I trust you’ll come back for more. Ciao!!

Until soon,
Lilly Millay retro-housewife


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